Wednesday, June 4, 2008

To read...and not to read...

I know you might think that I haven't been reading.
And that's just not so.
I was just busy since we adopted a new puppy...Stella. (You have to scream it out - fist in the air, as in "A Streetcar Named Desire".)

I read Lurlene McDaniel's new book Prey.
It's about a teacher/student affair...blah, blah, blah. Mediocre.
If you want a more powerful teacher/student affair book that explores psychological damage and real dangers, check out Barry Lyga's book Boy Toy.
I read that one and felt ill.
So...I didn't really want to write about that one so much. But it's worth the read. You'll find that one in your PUBLIC library...

I read Mazer's new book The Missing Girl. And, since I was home by myself when I read it, I was worried I was going to be abducted. Except that I'm no longer a teenage girl, so probably not what your average pedophile is after (you don't think about those things until the sun is up, though...which makes for some pretty tough sleep).
If you want a more powerful abduction story, though, you should read Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott. Dang! It is a painful story that is almost too hard to read. But is in an important story - one that I am glad Scott took the time to write. these, not those on the beach this summer...and stay tuned.