Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Heartbreak of Aaron Burr

UT History Professor, H.W. Brands has written a new historical biography about Aaron Burr, and it's darn interesting. What I knew of Aaron Burr was probably limited to that peanut butter commercial from the early 2000s, or what was related to his famous duel with Hamilton. 
Brands taught me a ton about the former VP, fascinatingly so. I had no idea that AB was on trial for treason or that he had such a complex and loving relationship with his daughter. I had no idea that he was such a ladies man, or that he had debt trouble, lived abroad and was exiled from England. 
AB is an interesting character and I was glad to have stumbled upon this piece. Perhaps he has been tarred and feathered by other historians? This was a fresh perspective. I look forward to reading more of H.W. Brands in the future; his writing style and presentation was easy to read and enthralling. Job well done!