Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Undead

So...as I previously mentioned, the Undead are out in full force.

Zombie Blondes by Brian James kicked off my foray into the dark side of YA literature.
The ZBs are this crazy group of cheerleader zombies. They dress the same, look the same, and KILL THE SAME (please cue sinister music).
All kidding aside, any book that puts cheerleaders as the undead...I can get behind it. I always thought there was a little something unnatural about all of that bending and jumping; a nod to Brian James for taking it to the next level.

After I finished off the Zombie's, I decided it was a pretty happening topic, so I moved on to Generation Dead. I've linked to author Daniel Waters' blog because, well, he is a pretty cool guy. I'll tell you what...if the story doesn't sell on this puppy, the book cover will get this book a-movin. The main character falls in love with one of the zombies and all hell breaks loose.
Also, Oprah said that you should read it, so...DO IT!

Lisa McMann wrote Wake, which was pretty interesting. You could not pay me to enter the dream world of high schoolers, but this brave lady attempted to do so and the result is actually less revolting that you might imagine. Lisa McMann also accepted my friend request on Facebook, so...we're pretty much BFF right now. :)

I read some other things, too...but they were about living folks. I'll save that for next time.
Happy Reading (moo-ha-ha-ha [evil laugh]).

**all books mentioned have sequel potential. Be aware that you MAY be hooked...**

The Undead

Well...it has been awhile.
I was away for a bit, a little jaunty trip to the Med.
Then I had this crazy baby shower that required a lot of home repair work.
And finally, I was reading like crazy!!

What I have found this summer is that the world of the undead is as fascinating as ever.

OF COURSE I read Breaking Dawn.
To all of the nay-sayers of Meyer's fabulous body of work, I would just like to point out that if she had written Round Four of Edward vs. Jacob, she was going to lose a huge fan base.
There was no way for her to pick Jacob OR to pick Edward, really, because she was going to offend people either way. (I am firmly Team Jacob, Jason is firmly Team Edward....even in our own loving family there was discord!)
So instead, Jacob imprinted on baby Bella (Really? Renesme? Really...come on, now...).
Imprinting = creepy, but...whatev.
The point is that both populations in Team Edward and Team Jacob were left with a satisfactory choice. No one died, everyone lived happily ever after (and after and after and to eternity).
Including me, because now I can rest easy that Bella is part of the Cullen clan and Jacob is happy.

I am going to opt out of reading the re-telling from Edward's POV. To me, that is just too much.
Infer what Edward was thinking and then move on. It is better that way.
Otherwise, it just seems like a shameless ploy for milking the cash cow of popularity.

I am, however, getting together everyone I know to go to the midnight showing of Twilight. If you haven't seen the trailer...please indulge me.
That's right...the midnight showing, despite the fact that it is a school night and bedtime is strictly 10pm.
If you want to jump on the train, feel free.
12-12-08...be there or be []!