Tuesday, May 5, 2009

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Mia is in love with her boyfriend Adam, the rocker. She is in love with the cello, her first passion - the one that is going to take her to Juilliard. She loves her family dearly. Her mother and father who are still in love, her much younger brother, Teddy. Her best friend, Kim, is someone else that she loves. She is surrounded by so much goodness.

School is canceled one morning. Another great day?

It might have been, but a brutal car accident robs Mia of her whole family in one brief moment.

As she struggles with the choice of staying on earth or returning to her coma bound body, Mia flashes back to every single thing that makes life on earth worth living. Recognizing that no one else survived the accident, she thinks on the little ways that her family influenced and touched her life, the stories and experiences that connected them. As Mia wades through the toughest decision she will ever make, return to her beat and battered body and endure life without the people she loves the most or choose to die and go on to the unknown, readers are introduced to a tender and gentle story about love, loss, and the blessing that is family.

My friend put a caveat on this book, and I completely agree: read it with kleenex nearby.
It is stunning.

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