Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beautiful Ruins

I initially liked this book because of the cover: it reminded me of a great vacation that Jason and I took in Italy and France. I liked, too, the glamorous feel of the book. A movie star shows up at the Hotel Adequate View and from there, readers are introduced to character after character, all of them intersecting beautifully by the end. 

I will say that I kept thinking - why are we introducing characters this late in the book? It felt like they kept coming and I wasn't sure of their relevance. Some of them simply furthered the story. Some of them didn't necessarily do much. However, I felt like they all helped paint a picture of humanity - and made me question where I fell on the scale of things. Was I more like Claire? Shane? Michael (I sure hope not)? Dee? 
Interesting.  And I guess, in the end, we are all a mix. 
It's an ambling tale that takes it's time. There is heartbreak, betrayal, love, honor, and it all paints a picture of life being a big mess of beautiful ruins.

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