Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sharp Objects

After getting some "creepy" praise from my friend, Katie M., I decided to try on Gillian Flynn's book, Sharp Objects. Katie told me that she would start reading it at night, get spooked, delete it from her Kindle...only to reload it in the morning, compelled by the story. That is exactly how you feel while reading it. 

Camille Preaker has made her home in Chicago, writing for a small newspaper. When she is assigned a piece about a possible serial killer in her home town of Wind Gap, Missouri, she is definitely hesitant to take on the story. Returning home isn't something Camille is excited to do.

However, the story is something that Camille has to tell: little girls gone missing. Found dead - without their teeth. What kind of a monster would do something like that? 
As Camille digs deeper into the story, and her own psyche, she is surprised by what she unearths. I was surprised, too. Camille isn't a particularly sympathetic character. In fact, I didn't like her very much at all - but that didn't keep me from finding her story to be one that I couldn't put down. 

Katie was right, this book has a huge creepy factor. And it is both interesting and horrifying. Pick this one up if you're looking for a dark mystery.

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