Saturday, September 15, 2012

Into the Darkest Corner

Wowza! Nothing like a psychological thriller to make you appreciate how "vanilla" your break ups have all been. 
Poor Cathy. When she broke up with her boyfriend, Lee - he tried to kill her. But this is after he did all kinds of things to mess with her, to break her down, to make her be a submissive and scared lady. She was so beside herself, she questioned her own sanity. 
He didn't kill her, though. She survived. And she sent him to prison. 
She's been living half a life since then, crippled by the OCD that keeps everything in balance. Then she gets the call that Lee has been released early. Tailspin. 

This one kept me turning pages late into the night, wondering if Cathy was going crazy or if she was right about Lee. It is told back and forth between the past Cathy and the present day Cathy, which does an excellent job of showing how she loses herself as her confidence ebbs. It made me appreciate the human spirit and people who are able to triumph in the face of overwhelming adversity. And  it also made me appreciate the fact that my OCD is just the kind that keeps things tidy. 

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